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Pool and Spa Service Details

Your pools water is very important to us. Chemical testing and balancing is crucial to clear, safe, healthy water and it is imperative that your service professional can accurately do BOTH. Unbalanced chemicals can lead to damage to your system components( pumps,heaters, pool plaster), and can cause algae, discolored hair, general swimmer discomfort and water borne diseases.

Weekly service

Our weekly service is a once a week visit that includes:

  • Skimming the surface

  • Vacuuming debris

  • Cleaning filter

  • Test & balance water

  • Brushing pool surface and tile

  • Emptying all baskets and a general systems check.

Summer and Winter Services

Summer and Winter Services are essential and is the opening of the pool and getting it running and ready for the season. We remove, Blow off, Fold and store winter cover. Install equipment (motor, sanitizers, ladders, handrails, etc.) Unplug all piping & start up system, charge filter, test & balance chemicals and test fire heater.

Pool Closings

It is important that the pool is as clean as possible before closing to prevent staining over the winter and is closed before any cold weather. We drain the pool to the proper level, drain & remove any pumps, sanitizers, ladders, handrails etc and blow out all the piping with compressed air. Then we add organic antifreeze and plug all lines to ensure there is no water in the pipes or entering the pipes over the winter. Finally, we install and adjust the winter cover. Winterizing done improperly can cause thousands of dollars in damage: broken pipes and equipment and coping/tile damage.

Winter Maintenance 

The last thing on anyone’s mind in the dead of winter is their pool.  Obviously when everything is frozen over and covered in snow, there is nothing you can do to the pool. However, every month leading up to that is the right time to do winter maintenance. We come by once a month to measure and adjust water level, draining if needed, inspect and adjust cover, pump out the skimmers and do a general equipment check.  The main goal is to preserve the pool shell and prevent the skimmers, pipes, tile and coping from cracking from ice and to have the cover properly adjusted so it does not rip. A little prevention goes a long way when it comes to winter maintenance.

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